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High performance automotive, commercial and
heavy-duty batteries in Australia

Welcome to Power Crank Batteries, your number one choice of battery supplier.
We offer a complete range of car, truck, tractor, marine, forklift, deep cycle,
commercial and heavy-duty batteries from the world leaders in stored energy.

Battery types for:


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Power People Trust

Power Crank Batteries listens to your specific needs and offers cost-effective solutions based on our assessment. 

Our aim is to provide you with outstanding stored energy products that keep your vehicles running safely and efficiently. That is why we specialise in providing a complete line of heavy-duty batteries that are built stronger and last longer. 

Multiple Locations

You need never be without high quality batteries again. With stores in Coburg, Dandenong, Ashfield, Ingleburn, Sydney, Northern Territory, Queensland, and Perth, we guarantee access to highest performance batteries available. 

Batteries for any application

At Power Crank Batteries, we supply heavy-duty batteries that suit all your individual vehicle needs. Whether you drive your kids to school, use a forklift at work, drive your truck all night, plough your farm or enjoy cruising all day, our batteries deliver on every level. 

For reliable starts, high cranking power and exceptional performance, we have your needs covered.

Leading quality products

Our heavy-duty batteries are renowned for quality, performance and durability. In fact, our range of batteries integrates advanced technologies, precise engineering and innovative design to enhance your driving experience. Built to the highest standards, our batteries come with massive cranking ability and heavy reserve power dependability.

Our world leading stored energy heavy-duty batteries include:

  • Automotive Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Truck Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Tractor Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Forklift Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Deep Cycle Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Commercial Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Industrial Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Sealed Calcium Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Marine Heavy Duty Batteries
  • Tractor Heavy Buty Batteries
  • Power AGM Batteries
  • Optima Batteries

Contact us today on 1800 040 009 to enhance your vehicle performance with our heavy duty batteries!